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Small Business Success Stories

– How Infusionsoft  helps businesses grow –


A busy husband-and-wife business saves money and gains more family time.

– Doubled client base and revenue –

After moving their family of five across the country, Joe and Janette opened a financial planning firm specializing in helping clients plan for retirement. Soon, they were faced with two big problems: they were wasting a lot of time using multiple systems to manage their sales and marketing AND they were spending way too much acquiring new leads (often by holding steak dinner seminars and not following up on leads).

Watch the video and then… Show-Me-The-Demo

Watch the video and then… Show-Me-The-Demo


Swim spa retailer nurtures effectively with pre-set campaigns

– Doubled sales and spent less time and money –

When you’re selling a high-dollar product, it helps to have an effective, strategic lead nurturing system in place. For Swim Fitness, Infusionsoft turned out to be just the system they needed to sell their high-end swim spas.


Two guys – six gyms,  and the start of a franchise

– Increased lead capture by 308% –

lnfusionsoft’s 2012 Ultimate Marketer winner wowed attendees at lnfusionCon with their story. In just a few short years, Iron Tribe Fitness grew from a few friends working out in Forrest Walden’s garage to opening its sixth location and selling 60 franchises of their popular fitness centers across the southeastern US.

Watch the video and then… Show-Me-The-Demo

Watch the video and then… Show-Me-The-Demo


Pool builder automates lead capture and campaigns to boost upsell revenue.

– Quadrupled the number of new leads –

Owner Ken Chandler found uses web forms to collect leads on his website. And instead of following up manually with every lead, Ken has a preset series of emails that trigger automatically when a lead comes in, saving him time and increasing his conversions. Plus, lnfusionsoft’s social tools enable Ken to easily share promotions on Twitter and Facebook.


Photographer captures the power of focus

– Grew sales leads from 200 to 19,576 –

When Tyler goes home to his family at the end of his [much shorter] day, he doesn’t have to worry about the business. Orders are being fulfilled, customers are getting the royal treatment, and new leads are coming in—automatically. Before Infusionsoft, he was working his life away with little to show for it. Now, he’s running a successful business andcreating memories with his young family.

Watch the video and then… Show-Me-The-Demo

Watch the above video and then… Show-Me-The-Demo


Electric bike maker revs up sales

– Increased referral business by 15% –

Optibike is a family business, with Jim’s two sons working part time at the shop. In fact, he sees Optibike bringing the tradition of apprenticeship to modern technology. “It’s not a nameless factory,” he said. “In the Old World tradition of craftsmanship, people are proud of what they do, and yet we have a high-technology product. So it’s merging those two worlds.”


Seasonal service owner finds more family time.

– Grew sales from $1m to $1.7m –

Damien and his wife have four children under the age of 6, and spending more time with them means everything. Three or four weeklong vacations in Florida are now a reality. “And I’m not concerned that the business is going to stop functioning because I’m not there,” he added.

Watch the above video and then… Show-Me-The-Demo

Watch the above video and then… Show-Me-The-Demo


A former pastor finds his calling and rockets his

company to success.

– From $80k in debt to $2m revenue –

For Casey, running a successful business is only one dream. But thanks to Infusionsoft’s automation, The Rocket Company’s explosive growth enables Casey to have more time and money to spend on other passion projects, like opening a child survival shelter and taking more stress-free vacations with his family.


An orthodontist boosts referrals and smiles more

– Boosted referrals by 32% –

After three years with Infusionsoft, Dr. Burleson has plenty to smile about—revenue is up 180%, cost per customer is down 56%, and he has more time and money than ever to spend with family. Additionally, Dr. Burleson can dedicate more energy to his two charitable organizations: Smiles Change Lives and the Cleft Palate Foundation.

Watch the above video and then… Show-Me-The-Demo


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