Done For You Services


We have three done-for-you service offerings – see below:

1. DONE-FOR-YOU SERVICE (Project work)

This is where you tell us what you needed done and we simply do it for you.  This service is popular with our clients who are simply too busy to design and implement campaigns themselves.  All you need to do is answer our questions about the campaign you have in mind and then leave it to us.

We will takeover from this point and build your campaign.  Once the draft campaign is designed and created (not published at this stage), we will present the work to you for your feedback and final approval.

At this point you will be able to make changes to the designs and/or copy and we will then implement your changes and publish your campaign (make live).

As part of this service we will monitor your campaign and provide feedback in the way of campaign reporting.  Also, we will add the relevant live reporting to your dashboard.


This is where you need a number of campaigns or solutions designed and implemented, but don’t need to be implemented all at the same time or in an urgent time frame.  Instead of paying for the cost of all the campaigns/solutions at the same time, you simply hire us on a monthly retainer basis.  This Retainer model allows for focus on designing and implementing one or two campaigns at a time per month.  You keep us on a retainer until all the projects are completed and then the Retainer agreement is reduced or cancelled – it’s your choice.

Clients love this service as not only do you take advantage of the lower hourly rate charged, you are then able to spread the project costs over many months – your P&L statement will look a lot healthier.


You may have a need for more than one of our Infusionsoft Services and therefore need a custom service.  We will work together to identify the best ‘hybrid’ service solutions for you.


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