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MOBIT - Complete Guide to Mobile Marketing


Mobile Marketing Is Not Text Messaging

Sean McDonald
CEO, Mobit

Mobile is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ for marketers. As an Infusionsoft user and/or business owner, you need to understand how this very important communication channel is being used to bypass the Inbox, increase response rates, and close more deals.


Andy Simmons – Vice President, Infusionsoft
International & Partner Sales

Andy agreed to come to our meeting and present on the future direction of Infusionsoft and the powerful impact their strategies will have on small businesses in Australia and around the world.

This was a rare opportunity to have a senior Infusionsoft manager present to a user group in Australia.

Start – Next generation Infusionsoft platform (very sketchy details, more to come)
4:20 min – Email deliverability
13:15 min – DKIM email authorisation
20:50 min – How to escalate unresponsive support issues to senior management.
25:10 min – Product Roadmap
27:50 min – Infusionsoft now providing better support to ICPs to better help users.
29:40 min – new Customer Health Score for every Infusionsoft account.


WINNER – Infusionsoft Small Business ICON
(formally known as Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer)

– Guest Presenter is Lisa Macqueen – Cleancorp NSW –

For the first time in Infusionsoft history, the winner of this prestigious award was won not only by a woman, but by an entrant outside of the USA – an amazing feat. Lisa is a founding member of our User Group.


How Time and People implemented Note Templates to dramatically improve productivity.

– Guest Presenter is Peter Morrissey –

Peter is a member of our User Group and earlier this year he was inspired by Lynda Greening’s use of Note Templates to close sales faster and improve staff productivity. Watch how Peter show how easy it is to build your Note Template library.



How Business Catalogues use Lead Scoring to zero in on their hottest prospects fast.

– Guest Presenter is Lynda Greening –

Lynda is a founding member of our User Group and a valuable resource for sales growth strategies. In this presentation, Lynda will show you how to identify your hottest prospects automatically.



Learns the rules of modifying a published ‘Live’ campaign.

– Guest Presenter is Jake Lunniss –

Ever asked yourself how to make changes to one of your published ‘live’ campaigns? Jake will explain the rules of how and when to make changes to an existing published (live) campaign.



The Audition Technique

Greg Apps,
Casting Director


We are trialling a new session called Hot Seat where a group member can present their business challenges in relation to sales and marketing automation. The other members then ask questions and provide guidance/direction as needed. In this first session, Greg Apps presented his challenges.



A Beginners Guide to World Domination

Peita Diamantidis,
Coboodle Financial Services


Peita will share with us why the Caboodle Executive team decided to travel all the way to Infusionsoft HQ in Arizona to talk about Culture & Strategic Planning, what secrets were shared with them when they were there, and how this has caused a massive pivot in who they are and what they do.

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From The Trenches

Barrie Gaubert,
Iden Group


Barrie recently attended the Infusionsoft ICON 2015 conference. As one of the thousands of attendees worldwide, I asked him to present to the group on his experience during this huge event, what he saw, what he did, and whether he recommends other group members to attend next year’s conference and why.

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A Powerful Lead Generator

Mohamed Said,
Avante Financial Services


Mohamed has become an expert at using quizzes as an effective way to deliver highly relevant content to his leads whilst at the same time adding them to his sales funnel. Now he has taken this a step further by embedding these quizzes into his Facebook ads. What’s makes this even more attractive to our group is that he has worked out a simple way to integrate all of this with Infusionsoft..


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